We are SITU, an unconventional architecture practice.
We use design, research and fabrication for creative and social impact.

Tenmile River: A Generational OpportunityThe Tenmile River master plan presents a vision of ex-urban, transit-oriented development that combines a landscape-forward approach with concentrated density. Developed in collaboration with Cooper Robertson, HR&A and RANGE, the project seeks to reignite a 500-acre site through economic development, cultural placemaking and diverse housing stock.Read more on SITU Studio
Making SpaceCommissioned by the Brooklyn Public Library (BPL), we created an agile kit-of-parts that realigns century-old library spaces with 21st-century programming. Modular and scalable by design, this project creates a pathway to revitalize community spaces in neighborhoods across Brooklyn.Read more on SITU Studio
Euromaidan Event ReconstructionSITU worked with Ukrainian attorneys, advocates and activists, and robotics scientists to reconstruct three protester deaths from an archive of eye-witness videos. Drawing on spatial analysis, 3D modeling, animation and interactive visualization, we developed a tool for presentation of evidence and our analysis of those protester deaths in Ukrainian courts.Read more on SITU Research
Three Saros, James TurrellSITU Fabrication served as the specialty consultant for engineering and constructing this complex art piece within an office building in midtown Manhattan. In line with the rigorous vision of artist James Turrell, our process created a fully-immersive and architectural experience of color.Read more on SITU Fabrication
New York Tech OfficeTasked with creating a new workspace for one of New York's most innovative tech companies, SITU designed a hackable, modular and materially rich environment that supports this team's dynamic and creative workflow.Read more on SITU Studio
Turntable Lab StorefrontWhen Turntable Lab—a purveyor of music and audio equipment—outgrew its former space, we teamed up to create their new storefront. Encompassing 1,200 sq ft in the East Village, the project is designed for flexibility and to unite the various aspects of the business—not only as a place to showcase high-end audio equipment, but also as a neighborhood record store and hub of DJ culture.Read more on SITU Studio
Solar CanopyIn collaboration with Brooklyn SolarWorks, we created a new system specifically designed to make solar work for households across the five boroughs: the solar canopy.Read more on SITU Studio
Deep CityDeep City is an executive-level digital experience designed by HUSH for a global tech office’s New York headquarters. We worked with the designer to fabricate and install this three-part installation. Immersed within the three installations, a guest’s gestures, movement and voice become data that generates an informational and artistic record of their journey.Read more on SITU Fabrication
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SITU was founded in 2005, in Brooklyn, New York, by four friends studying architecture at the Cooper Union. We’ve shaped our practice out of the multi-disciplinary style of our education, and have grown through clients who value a progressive approach to problem-solving.

Our process is client-specific, adaptive and driven by a diversity of deep knowledge, untethered from any stylistic or formal agenda. This allows us to work out of bounds, using new tools of architecture to generate unique outcomes.

Our practice is composed of three divisions—Studio, Research and Fabrication—that work collaboratively while providing individual services. This keeps prototyping, research and development, and hands-on craft elemental to our creative process.

Our space is split between creative studio and workshop. This enables a unique sort of radical pragmatism—experimenting with new material possibilities as they’re imagined.

Our staff is made up of a wide range of specialists across disciplines: architecture, art, design, engineering, fabrication, geography, programming, urbanism, visualization, research and development—all dedicated to exploring and crafting spaces at multiple scales.

Our clients and collaborators come from an equally varied collection of sectors: museums, art centers and academic institutions; civic, social and professional organizations; developers, high-end commercial companies and residential clientele.

SITU has received numerous awards and honors including the Architectural League of New York Emerging Voices in 2014, Excellence in Design by the Art Commission of the City of New York and grants from the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation and Oak Foundation.