SITU Research joins International Committee of the Red Cross panel on forensic technology

September 1st 2021

This panel organized by the ICRC brings together experts from the humanitarian sector, academia and research to discuss how remote sensing technologies are changing forensic work in the search for missing persons.

Held on the International Day of the Disappeared, the discussion is part of the ICRC’s August focus on: Clarifying the fate of the missing in the digital age. Panelists discuss what activities technology and emerging processes make more feasible as well as how to determine which tools to implement for different scenarios in this field of work.

The ICRC’s Digital Dilemmas Debate series invites prominent experts and stakeholders from different sectors about the humanitarian digital transformation, its implications and the work ahead.

Event details:
Digital Dilemmas Debate #6: Forensic Archaeology and new tools in the humanitarian search for the Missing

Wednesday, September 1, 2021 at 2:00 pm

Denise Abboud, Regional Forensic Manager for the Near and Middle East (ICRC)

Derek Congram, Forensic specialist at the Regional Delegation for East Asia (ICRC)
Jon Sterenberg, Independent Forensic Consultant
Brad Samuels, Founding Partner (SITU Research)
Rafael de Abreu e Souza, Forensic Coordinator for Iraq (ICRC)

Watch a recording of the event here.