SITU Research merges data and design to create new pathways for justice.

Who we are:

We are a visual investigations practice developing new forms of fact-finding to cut through digital noise and amplify truth.

Working together as a group of designers, urbanists, computer scientists, and analysts, we synthesize disparate forms of digital evidence to provide exhaustive, factual accounts of contested events.

Our efforts are focused on human rights, environmental justice, policing, and civil liberties.

What we do:

Abuses of power are proliferating across the globe. The exploding trove of data documenting these transgressions has the potential to establish accountability; but too often leads to false narratives that drown out truths.

We mobilize an arsenal of technologies to identify and surface critical evidence and then shape it into a narrative driven by transparent, accurate sourcing.

Our work supports activists, advocates, and lawyers, bridging the gap between digital evidence and the communities that can best deploy them towards justice and accountability.

Selected Partners:

We partner with diverse organizations and individuals at every stage of our fact-finding, analysis and reporting work, including human rights groups, legal teams, environmental advocates, journalists and communities seeking to surface facts and protect fundamental freedoms.

Our role is to empower our partners with the evidentiary tools they need to improve the way events are litigated and understood.

We are also committed to sharing our techniques and findings with the public in order to support the continued growth of data-enabled approaches in human rights practice. With the help of our partners, we work to advance the cause of transparency and give victims and survivors tools to manage, analyze and present diverse forms of evidence.

More broadly, each case we undertake furthers the implementation and standardization of visual investigation in human rights work on a global scale.