Université libre de Bruxelles features SITU in a new architectural publication

September 9th 2021

In 2017, SITU participated in an eight-month research project led by Pauline Lefebvre, an architectural professor at the Université libre de Bruxelles (ULB). Lefebvre immersed herself with our team to study SITU’s production methods as well as client relationships. This work was focused on capturing architecture in the making, rather than analyzing forms of practice via built-work.

This research is now included as a case study within a publication by ULB and co-edited by Lefebvre along with Julie Neuwels and Jean-Philippe Possoz. Titled Thinking-Making. When Architects Engage in Construction, the book includes a range of investigations into the practice of making in the architecture industry, which traditionally focuses solely on design processes.

See here for more details and to order a copy.