The Architect's Newspaper — "SITU Research’s online platform details war crimes in Sudan conflict"

November 4th 2016

AN delves into our work with Amnesty International.

Read the full article here.

"Interdisciplinary practice SITU Research—a division of Brooklyn-based SITU—has partnered with Amnesty International’s Crisis Division to chart the ongoing atrocities committed against civilians in Jebel Marra, a mountainous region located in the Darfur province of Sudan that peacekeeping forces have been unable to reach. The interactive project uses satellite imagery, photographs, and over 200 in-depth interviews to document the conflict in the area.

The platform details 171 sites where the government has been using “scorched earth” tactics against its citizens, such as torching entire villages, looting livestock, and raping residents in the area. Researchers have also found 56 witnesses that attest to the use of chemical weapons by the Sudanese military in at least 30 attacks that have occurred since January, according to Quartz...."