SITU Research's Brad Samuels presents at BUILD with Mapbox

November 16th 2023

On November 16, Brad Samuels participated in a "What AI Means for Location Strategy" virtual panel as part of Mapbox's BUILD conference.

BUILD is an annual half-day virtual conference that gathers together the developers, businesses, and builders of the Mapbox community to showcase latest releases, upcoming features, and trends in location technology.

The topic explores what AI means for location strategy and geospatial work, as well as potential concerns and challenges with combining AI and location technologies. Brad Samuels

Lukas Martinelli, Mapbox Navigation
Steve Attewell, Ordnance Survey
Brad Samuels, SITU Research
Angela Navarro, Mapbox Data
Marena Smith, Mapbox Impact

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What AI Means for Location Strategy
November 16, 2023

BUILD with Mapbox
Virtual Event