Artforum — "Defendant Pleads Guilty in First Cultural Destruction Trial at The Hague"

August 22nd 2016

Artforum covers our collaboration with the International Criminal Court as it conducts its first ever trial on the destruction of cultural heritage.

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"Prosecutors in this case will draw on new technology, which they hope will aid in future cultural-destruction trials as well. They worked with SITU Research, a New York–based design studio, to develop a new digital platform to present various types of visual evidence documenting the destruction of religious sites. Funded by the MacArthur Foundation in Chicago and the Oak Foundation in Portland, the technology will allow court judges access to photographs and videos taken by local citizens and TV networks before, during, and after the mausoleums were taken down. Drawings of the sites will also be presented as evidence in the trial while satellite imagery will show the scale of the destruction."