Y-3 10th Anniversary Show

In celebration of Y-3’s 10th anniversary, visual artist Dev Harlan was commissioned to create a dynamic and interactive backdrop for their 2013 S/S fashion show. In our role as fabricators, we helped the artist produce a 3D projection wall, which was comprised of more than 600 linked pyramids.

Built exclusively for this event, the project had tight constraints and a narrow window for installation. We worked closely with Harlan to develop a modular cladding system that could be efficiently assembled on site, while still maintaining the work’s scope and ambition.

Using our CNC router, we cut and scored large sheets of lightweight foam board to create flat sets of three pyramids that could be quickly folded into their final three-dimensional forms. To expedite installation, interlocking tabs allowed each pyramid to be directly attached to simple plywood set walls. With the faceted backdrop in play, Harlan mapped digital projections onto the 3D geometry and brought the wall to life with shifting animations throughout the runway show and after party.


Y-3 | Adidas, Villa Eugénie


Dev Harlan


New York, NY




Stephan Moskovic / Models.com, SITU