Oakley Fifth Avenue

Working with designers at Montreal-based Moment Factory, we engineered and produced a digital ceiling feature for Oakley’s Fifth Avenue store.

The goal was to create a dynamic installation through a combination of screens and custom-made components, all of which form an immersive retail experience for their guests. As Moment Factory describes it, the goal was to create “a living, breathing, participatory installation that introduced guests to the renegade spirit powering Oakley’s brand.”

Our role as fabricators was to build the physical platform for this digital experience. The ceiling installation is comprised of nine folded aluminum shrouds that enclose an array of suspended LCD screens. Roughly 11 ft long with three LCD screens set within, each shroud is carefully mounted to create the illusion of one continuous surface upon entering the store. The shroud’s outer surfaces are made of CNC milled aluminum composite and lock into the screens. As a complete set, the nine units span the length of the store, creating a unified digital experience for the brand.




Moment Factory


New York, NY




Courtesy of Moment Factory