Deep City

Deep City is a three-part digital experience designed by HUSH for a global tech office’s New York headquarters. We worked with the designers to fabricate two unique environments for the project—The Passage and City Cave.

As guests and visitors interact in the space, their voices and movements are transformed into data that generate an informational and artistic record of their journey.






Henegan Construction Co.


New York, NY




Courtesy of HUSH

Leveraging our interdisciplinary expertise, we helped HUSH realize this complex design which embraces the client's own passion for the ways data can help us understand the human experience.

The Passage is a glowing wall-mounted installation with geologically inspired ridges and peaks, which are made up of 72 stacked layers of milled acrylic. Programmable LED panels are suspended behind frosted acrylic topographies that form an undulating relief, producing a responsive prismatic display that illuminates the passage as individuals walk through. The translucent installation measures 8 ft in height and 18 ft in length, and is stabilized by steel rods and supports engineered for minimal visual impact.

The City Cave creates an immersive environment through an array of dichroic glass panels suspended at angles from an aluminum frame. Positioned directly in front of OLED display screens, the 22 glass panels provide a colorful lens to the interactive digital content behind them, developed by HUSH.