Quiet Pod for Private Residence

Multiple fabrication techniques and materials were employed to create a quiet space in the center of a residential atrium in New York City.




New York, NY





Starting from the designer’s concept, SITU Fabrication developed, built, and installed the Quiet Pod which provides an acoustically separated sanctuary and office space in the midst of the ever-bustling city.

Rising 12.5 ft high and 20 ft in diameter, the main structure of the pod is constructed of CNC-milled plywood and aluminum ribs clad in thermoformed solid surface panels. Using the entire extent of our 10 x 5 ft thermoformer, these Avonite panels were molded into a curvature that, when mounted, gives the impression of the pod as a full sphere. In coordinating our installation of the seemingly-circular pod simultaneously with the construction of the atrium’s 2-story curved staircase, we ensured the seamless fit of a singular piece into a predetermined space.

In addition to the integration of the pod into the existing space, the pocket doors and interior space presented challenges as well as opportunities for unique elements. After an exhaustive search for off-the-shelf options, a custom, curved door track was designed and built in-house. This allowed the curved pocket doors of the pod to open in a smooth, sliding motion, maximizing the pod’s usable space. Inside the pod, recycled pineapple leather, an innovative natural textile made from pineapple leaf fibers was utilized to upholster the acoustic panels lining the walls and provide a relaxing, golden glow to the space. Embedded handles in the doors made for an elegant final touch.

As with most of our projects, collaboration with the project team was essential to the success of the project. In the case of the Quiet Pod we worked closely with the general contractor building out other highlights in the atrium as well as with acoustics and lighting specialists to ensure delivery of a truly distinctive space for work and reflection.