Outdoor Seating at NYU Langone Medical Center

For the courtyard and terraces at NYU Langone Medical Center, we crafted a series of large-scale wooden benches using a combination of techniques to preserve their natural beauty.

Conceived by Joanna Pertz Landscape Architecture, one of the most important design features is the intentional use of wood. Its rich materiality provides a relaxing visual and tactile quality for these outdoor spaces, especially in contrast to many of the inorganic materials used in a healthcare setting. Yet as an organic material, wood can weather easily; therefore, the challenge was to construct a dozen of these benches in a way that would provide a long-lasting, high-quality finish.

Working with the design team, we recommended a durable hardwood and refined design details in order to make the best use of the lumber. Each bench is over nine feet long and, while they appear monolithic, the large spans are made from smaller boards which were carefully laminated and grouped into four sections. Concealed bolts and steel plates tie the four sections together and anchor the bench to the ground. Because each section was CNC-milled to precise dimensions and taken back for resurfacing between stages, the overall form is even more stable. Finally, the wood is protected with an oil finish that makes it easier to maintain and repair over time.

Using this combination of different techniques—from connection detailing and finish specification—we were able to produce long-lasting outdoor fixtures that properly expressed the original design intent and will continue serving the Medical Center’s patients, guests and staff for years to come.


NYU Langone Health


Joanna Pertz Landscape Architecture


New York, NY