Media Wall for New York Financial Office Lobby








New York, NY




Rafael Gamo

Following a rigorous Design Build process, we fabricated and integrated a meticulous system of decorative metal paneling with programmable LED technology to activate an inspiring amenities lobby for a financial office in New York City.

Designed by Gensler’s Digital Experience Design division (DXD), we came onboard to develop and detail a custom backlit perforation system as part of a custom millwork package composed of powder coated steel panels that spanned not only the reception area, but entryways into office, cafeteria and service spaces. The custom perforation utilizes letter-shaped cutouts to convey visual effects with coordinated patterns and gradients as well as discrete messages.

Working closely with TAD, who provided the programmable LED system and AV prowess, we began our Design Build by developing a working mockup to simulate the lighting effects and experiment with different diffusion layers to achieve the desired intent. The primary challenge was to create a cladding assembly that could transmit larger flowing light patterns while still able to focus illumination on a single letter without the light bleeding over to adjacent letters, thereby diminishing the effect. The system also needed to easily coordinate multiple union trades on site with pinpoint precision.

The fabrication approach we developed during the mockup phase used a variety of materials to successfully deliver the lighting effect. Ultra-black lighting baffles used behind layers of acrylic spacers and diffusers direct light and address the light bleed concerns. Careful choice of material thickness, sizing, and reinforcement allowed the panels to span over the LEDs and ventilation equipment without appearing thick or heavy. We accommodated fans in our assembly that blow air across the LED arrays to keep the electronics from overheating. Attachment methods for the panels were carefully detailed to allow access behind the lighting display for maintenance while preserving a clean hardware-free look.