Elsewhere Stage Wall

Working with designer Sarah Frankel, we fabricated the stage wall at Elsewhere, an arts/music venue in Bushwick, Brooklyn.

Drawing on the space’s rough materiality, the project’s faceted form is comprised of more than 100 triangular panels that are predominantly made from OSB.

The installation stretches 30 ft wide by 14 ft tall and is interspersed with panels of dichroic acrylic which form colorful, glossy accents that contrast with the surrounding OSB. Each of the accents is backlit with programmable LEDs that can be digitally integrated with the live performances to create a spectrum of lighting experiences. We mounted the panels to a plywood armature—providing a depth of 14 inches—and the resulting dimensionality lends itself to projection mapping.

Starting with design-engineering of the formwork and fastening hardware, we worked through the production process leveraging digital tools and hand-craftsmanship. Despite working with OSB, a traditionally modest material, we custom-milled the panels with our 5-axis router to tighten the reveal between facets and finished each piece with hand-sanding.




Sarah Frankel


Brooklyn, NY