Draper: Engineering Possibilities 2016

Commissioned by designer Robert de Saint Phalle, we fabricated, engineered and installed the debut exhibition Engineering Possibilities for Draper, a Cambridge-based research institution.

The design consisted of a series of kiosks, hexagonal cells exhibiting Draper's emerging engineering technologies and innovations.

Display screens and graphic lighting components were integrated into each of the seven structures, showcasing a variety of digital media content during the three-day event. Constructed from thin modular panels, the exhibition is able to be reassembled in multiple configurations and can be deployed in new ways at different venues. Using our CNC router, we milled full-scale reliefs into several of these panels, representing some of the intricate networks and structures that inspire Draper’s engineers and feature in their work.

Our team also produced a suite of custom plywood and solid surface furniture for the show. The benches and stools shared same hexagonal bends while curved tables and a bar were detailed with LEDs.




Robert de Saint Phalle


Cambridge, MA




Courtesy of Draper