Line Phono

This flat-pack furniture line was made for the latest generation of audiophiles.

How do old systems adapt for new audiences?

This project embodies this question—one that often crops up in our practice—and led us to investigate the resurgence of turntable culture. In collaboration with Turntable Lab, we developed Line Phono, a flat-pack furniture line for turntables and their accessories for newest generation of audiophiles.

Easy to assemble with interlocking parts and minimal hardware, Line Phono targets vinyl enthusiasts with minimal space for storage. The Turntable Station, for example, has shelves for a turntable, extra accessories, and up to 200 records. Other smart features include special grooves to showcase album covers, headphone hooks and multiple ports for organizing power and audio cables.

To accompany the Station, we developed triangular, flat-pack speaker stands. Both products are available in baltic plywood or MDF, a dense wood fiber which helps dampen the speaker vibrations. Designed without laminate or veneer, each piece develops its own patina and unique character over time.

With over 1,000 Turntable Stations in use, Line Phono exemplifies the ingenuity that emerges through interdisciplinary collaboration and performative design. What started as a Kickstarter project has now evolved into an ongoing collaboration with Turntable Lab to design affordable components for the home vinyl setup.


Turntable Lab




Courtesy of Turntable Lab