Applying a modular system to tiled surfaces, Aperiodix offers a set of components that generate a diversity of possibilities.

Based on a set of three triangles that can be laid out in an aperiodic (non-repeating) pattern, we wanted to create an easy-to-use system that enables designers, architects and tile setters to create entirely unique pattern fields with tile.

Developed in collaboration with Ben Sandell, Geoff Sosebee and Eric Weil, the Aperiodix system draws inspiration from tiling patterns used in Islamic architecture. The Girih system, used in many Islamic mosques, overlays a secondary geometry with a basic shape set, thereby creating a complex pattern without requiring too many individual tiles.

Another point of inspiration from Islamic tiling was the use of pattern scrolls, which helped tile setters layout out large portions of tile without reconfiguring the geometry or the mathematics behind the complex patterns.

In the same way, the Aperiodix system comes with a digital tool-kit to help users find the most suitable section of the larger pattern for their surface area needs.

The tiles are cast by hand in integrally colored, fiber reinforced concrete and are available in four colors: leather, charcoal, gray and sand.


Oso Industries




John Muggenborg


Benjamin Sandell, Geoff Sosebee, Eric Weil