Testing our screening booth prototypes with medical staff. Photo by Keith Sirchio.
Testing our screening booth prototypes with medical staff. Photo by Keith Sirchio.

Partner Aleksey Lukyanov-Cherny presents at ‘Returning to Daily Life,’ a discussion panel on wellness and architecture during a health crisis

July 14th 2020

In all of SITU’s design work, our process has been enriched by a deep understanding of materiality coupled with a passion for prototyping and experimentation. And throughout the coronavirus pandemic, we’ve used this approach to rapidly develop solutions that address the spatial challenges presented by these emergent health and safety needs. The benefits are seen across industries, from healthcare to education, and we’re continuing to develop these design initiatives in both the public and private sectors.

Now, in a virtual panel organized by our collaborators at Arup, we will share insights into how architecture can better promote wellness through this kind of unconventional design methodology. SITU Partner, Aleksey Lukyanov-Cherny has been guiding much of our work in this area, and he will join the discussion alongside leaders and innovators from Arup as well as SPUR Editorial Director and NY Times contributor, Allison Arieff.

This online event is free and open to all.

Event details
Returning to daily life: The built environment and its implications on wellness
Thursday, July 16, 2020 at 4:00 pm

Watch the recording here.

Moderated by:
Francesca Birks - Strategy Leader, Arup

Speakers include:
Allison Arieff - Editorial Director, SPUR
Aleksey Lukyanov-Cherny - Partner, SITU

With leaders and innovators from Arup:
Deborah Blass - Associate; Resilience, Security and Risk
Joshua Cushner - Principal, Consulting Practice
Gideon D'Arcangelo - Associate Principal, Experience Design
Jennifer DiMambro - Principal, Science & Industry
Bill Scrantom - Principal, Healthcare
Mark Walsh-Cooke - Principal, Building Retrofit
Trent Lethco - Principal, Integrated Planning