PR Newswire — “Brooklyn Laboratory Charter Schools, Leading Architecture Firms SITU & WXY, Unveil New ‘Front Porch’ Urban Design Concept to Support Safe Entry and School Arrival Amidst COVID-19”

August 3rd 2020

PR Newswire shares our “front porch” concept, designed with WXY for Brooklyn Laboratory Charter Schools. The design makes use of the school’s surrounding sidewalk to create an outdoor lobby where safer queuing and health checks can be held before people enter the building.

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“Brooklyn LAB and design experts involved in creating the Back to School Facilities Tool Kit identified LAB's entry and exit points as a major concern for safe reopening this fall. Like many New York City schools located in multistory buildings, LAB has limited points of entry. Over the past two decades, many urban schools have become even more ‘fortified’ in response to the specter of gun violence. If no changes are made to the entry process, architects and planners predict that students could end up waiting in long lines for hours to maintain 6 feet of space between students. This would increase students' exposure to health risks and could disturb the surrounding community with more noise and congestion.”