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BPL expands Making Space to three local branches

May 1st 2021

In 2018, we launched Making Space, a flexible infrastructure-focused system for redesigning community spaces throughout the Brooklyn Public Library system. We’re excited to announce that the initiative, originally rolled out at the Flatbush Branch as a pilot location, has expanded to three additional branches at Clinton Hill, Cypress Hills and Spring Creek. Our approach to adaptive renovation is centered around a customizable kit-of-parts, with components that can be tailored to the programmatic and spatial needs of each new location as the program grows.

In contrast to the larger Carnegie-era building at the initial Flatbush Branch, these three libraries are referred to as “Lindsay Boxes”, which are generally much more compact, shoebox-style structures from the 60s–70s. As such, the community rooms were considerably smaller, so our kit-of-parts needed to be adapted for the new conditions (e.g. lower ceilings, a trapezoidal room shape). We once again consulted with library staff and conducted program audits at each branch to understand how their patrons were already using the spaces, and developed quickly deployable systems for facilitating those uses.

We look forward to seeing these new community rooms in action once the Library can safely resume its full programming. Stay tuned for more updates!