Concept rendering of a Turn Out NYC site within an Open Street
Concentration of cultural institutions in New York City, Number of cultural institutions by zip code, with data from NYC Open Data
Small kiosks, bleachers, canopies, platforms and billboards can be quickly set up and relocated as needed.
Larger open air pavilions, screens, stages and other performance structures can become more permanent fixtures within their respective neighborhoods.
1 / 4 Concept rendering of a Turn Out NYC site within an Open Street

Building outdoor infrastructure for arts and culture across the five boroughs

May 1st 2021

In collaboration with leaders from New York City’s cultural sector, we’ve created Turn Out NYC—a coalition and framework for bringing arts and cultural events outdoors. What began as a pandemic relief effort, building on the City’s Open Culture legislation, evolved into a longer-term vision for how semi-permanent, modular, and mobile stages designed for sidewalks, streets and plazas could become the infrastructure for decentralizing and distributing arts and culture more equitably to the outer boroughs. The coalition includes leaders in performing arts, policy, community and justice development, as well as event production, graphics, acoustics, audio-visual and theater design. Stay tuned for more exciting news and your local live performance announcements!