Roger Williams Park Gateway Canopy

Working in collaboration with INFORM Studio, designers of the Roger Williams Park Gateway Center, we fabricated an entrance canopy of vibrantly colored aluminum fins that help welcome visitors and residents of the surrounding neighborhood to this valuable public space in Providence, RI.


Providence Redevelopment Agency




Providence, RI




Steve Kroodsma, SITU

The fabrication of the fins was an interactive and intricate process that involved several stages of detail refinement, fabrication, and finishing. Composed of a high-quality, lightweight aluminum alloy that is both durable and easier to work than other material options, the fins were cut to the appropriate size and shape using precision cutting tools including CNC routers and lasers.

After being cut to form, the aluminum frames and fins were coated with a high grade exterior paint in 35 different colors, giving the fins a unique, eye-catching appearance that reflect the vibrancy of the local community and provide an attractive entrance to the park space beyond.

Following painting, the fins were attached to the gateway structure using specialized brackets and hardware. This required careful attention to detail to ensure that the fins were properly aligned and securely attached. The use of advanced 3D parametric modeling tools by our project management team throughout the process allowed us to validate the design and optimize our approach, enabling the spacing and positioning of the fins to be exact and leading to a smooth installation.

Due to the scope and public nature of the project, seamless coordination between our team and numerous skilled trades and contractors was essential to the process. It started with a strong working relationship with INFORM and continued through to the final installation of the fins and the completion of the project. The end result is a beautiful, functional, and durable gateway to a community treasure that has now been made more accessible and inviting to both visitors and the people of Providence.