Riverdale Skylights

Architecture Research Office contracted us to fabricate a series of skylight screens for Riverdale Country School in the Bronx. Designed as educational features, the screens are used to teach students about light, direction, color and time.

The first skylight screen is a series of hanging acrylic panels in cyan, magenta and yellow. Sunlight filters through the pieces coloring the space below. Oriented at varying angles, the panels catch the sun differently throughout the day—casting a green light in the morning towards red in the afternoon.

Another skylight is comprised of acrylic prisms suspended in a white frame. The refracted light casts a shifting color spectrum on the walls. A third skylight screen uses a mirrored panel to reflect a beam of light onto the upper walls, where painted graphics create a sundial.


Riverdale Country School


Architecture Research Office


New York, NY




Courtesy of Architecture Research Office