Palm Beach Residence

Assisting the designer with the engineering and fabrication, we worked with Aaron Korntreger to transform a private Palm Beach residence with a series of undulating walnut wall panels.

The 35 unique panels create a dynamic, but also multi-functional interior, integrating closets and cabinets, enveloping appliances and articulating benches, doorways and surfaces throughout the space.

Made out of solid wood, the panels are nine feet tall and range from three to eight feet in width. Translating architectural drawings into engineering and fabrication specifications, we leveraged 3D modeling tools and our 5-axis mill to make the flowing contours of the design a reality.

In the bathroom, we used board-formed concrete—which is resistant to increased levels of warmth and humidity—to replicate the texture and geometry of the larger piece. To ensure a flawless finish, our team assembled the entire wall feature in our Brooklyn Navy Yard facility prior to installation on site.

To ensure the quality of each connection, the project was assembled in its entirety at our Brooklyn fabrication shop prior to shipping it out. Our team travelled to Palm Beach and installed the project on-site in just a few weeks.




Aaron Korntreger Design


Palm Beach, FL




Courtesy of Aaron Korntreger Design