Gemini Alpha, Neri Oxman

SITU Fabrication was commissioned by designer Neri Oxman of MIT Media Lab to produce the sculptural wooden form for her chaise project, Gemini Alpha.

The complex form was made entirely of solid cherry wood, which we milled in two stages.

We first created a massing by cutting rough profiles and laminating those sections together. Then, using our 5-axis CNC router, we trimmed away the excess material to create its deep curves and smooth finish. The shell varies in thickness from 1-1/2 in at the core to 1/2 in at the edges and our large-format bed helped expedite the process.

The chaise was designed for its acoustical qualities, and its swooping curves are intended to both capture and cancel out different sounds. With inherent sound-dampening properties, the 3D-printed skin—produced by Stratasys—adds another layer to the experience. The project debuted in March 2014 at the Vocal Vibrations exhibition at Le Laboratoire, Paris.


Le Laboratoire


Neri Oxman


Paris, France




Michel Figuet