Columbia School of Journalism

Working for LTL Architects at Columbia University’s School of Journalism, we fabricated a performance-driven acoustic ceiling for the Joseph D. Jamail Lecture Hall. Their design reimagines the hall’s original features, and includes more than 100 custom pendants and coffers protruding as much as five feet into the space.

Together these elements create dramatic volumes and recesses that integrate lighting fixtures, sound systems, HVAC, projectors and recording equipment. We fabricated the surfaces out of felt-like ezoBord, which is made from recycled water bottles. Each of these faceted panels were mitered with machine-precision using a CNC blade attachment and backed by a light framework of bent aluminum.

Overhead, the structure is suspended by steel cables and—where it terminates at the far side—clips directly to the existing wall. The resulting composition of these forms enhances the inherent acoustical properties of the material, achieving sophisticated quality with minimal cost and installation time.


Columbia University


LTL Architects


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