45 Park Lane

The Office of Thierry W Despont hired SITU Fabrication to provide consulting services for the fabrication of a series of sculptural facade panels for The Dorchester Hotel in London.

The rippled metallic panels span the full 8-story height of the building, cladding a number of the balconies which overlook London’s Hyde Park.

The project began with assisting Despont’s team develop the 3-dimensional geometry by producing a series of digital solar studies, scaled models and a full-scale mockup.

Once the geometry was finalized we provided design-engineering services to develop a construction which has the luster of cast bronze while minimizing weight and cost. To meet these criteria, the panels consist of CNC-milled high-density foam, which is then hard-coated with polyurethane resin and finished in cold-sprayed LuminOre White Bronze. A fiber-reinforced plastic and steel armature, embedded within each panel, improves the stability of each panel and provides anchor points for mounting to the building envelope.


Dorchester Collection


The Office of Thierry W Despont


London, United Kingdom




Jane Stockdale