Minyan Chapel at Park Avenue Synagogue

Harnessing our Design Assist and fabrication services, our team developed and fabricated an intricate custom cladding for the Minyan chapel at Park Avenue Synagogue.


Park Avenue Synagogue


MBB Architects


New York, NY




Francis Dzikowski

Beginning with our Design Assist, we mindfully developed and refined the cladding design with MBB Architects and the client. In order to help bring together the architect's and synagogue's vision of a cultural space for prayer, our project management team explored various materials, pattern details, and coordination strategies for what would ultimately become an ornate multilayered wood and decorative metal feature.

For the base wall layer, we detailed rift-sawn oak veneer to create a graceful changing curve forming the exterior wall of the chapel. With traditional carpentry techniques, our team laminated veneer into unique armature sections for curved areas, while flat sections were simplified for cost effectiveness. Because the chapel needed to precisely integrate with the base building, as it is located at the heart of the building, our team designed each module for material efficiency, site access and ease of installation. We worked closely with the architect to do various studies of the chapel’s wall geometry so that all complex field conditions and parts of the base building were carefully concealed and coordinated.

Offset from the wood veneered surface, we fabricated and installed two layers of custom perforated brass sheets that enhanced the warmth and richness of this space for worship. The pattern design was chosen by the architect to pay homage to the previous chapel altar. Our design engineering team carefully distorted the metal pattern so that it would accommodate the fluid geometry of the wall while maintaining the alignment of the hardware for all three layers.

Each sheet of brass was carefully laser cut to the designed pattern. Our team then patinated, brushed and waxed each panel by hand for an inviting finish that emulates oil rubbed bronze. Both layers were mechanically fastened with custom brass plated hardware to match the specified finish of the metal.

With astute attention to detail and cultural specificities in mind, our team was able to enhance the renovation of this existing cultural center through aesthetic development, at a crucial point in the design process, and delicate fabrication expertise to ensure the project’s success as an intimate community gathering space.