Park Hyatt Reception

Striving to balance contemporary luxury and inventive design, we collaborated with Park Hyatt New York to create a grand reception desk and matching concierge desks for their 57th Street hotel lobby.

Our concept embeds pragmatic touches, like wiring channels and internal cabinetry, within sculptural features, thereby adding an artful dimension to the space while fulfilling the logistical needs of hotel staff.

The core of the desks is a CNC-milled polyurethane foam with an internal welded aluminum frame. The foam was then coated with a 1/2 inch-thick layer of a machinable resin and then CNC-milled a second time with the final faceted geometry, resulting in a 1/4 inch-thick resin hardcoat. The desks were then coated with a thin layer of a composite spray-on steel and finished with a black patina.


Park Hyatt


New York, NY