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The Wall Street Journal — "Boardwalk Reborn in Times Square"

February 8th 2013

The Journal reports on the making and meaning of Heartwalk.

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"'Heartwalk,' conceived and assembled by SITU Studio, a Brooklyn design firm, is the winner of an annual art competition—the theme is Valentine's Day—sponsored by the Times Square Alliance.

The work incorporates hundreds of weathered boards, some laid flat and others erected like a fence to form a heart-shaped enclosure that visitors can enter. Red lights will glow from inside the heart, which is scheduled to be on display from Feb. 12 until March 10.

'It's an acknowledgment to those communities that weren't necessarily helped in the way they deserved,' said Brad Samuels, a principal at SITU. 'hey didn't receive help quick enough, and maybe this brings that to attention.'

Sandy didn't damage SITU Studio's office, or the homes of the designers who work there, but when Wes Rozen, a co-principal at the firm, saw the call for this year's design proposals, his mind quickly went to the Oct. 29 storm. 'It was something that profoundly affected everyone,' he said...."