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SITU takes home the People’s Pumpkin second year in a row at Pumpkitecture!

October 25th 2019

For the fourth year running, SITU participated in Pumpkitecture!, the Center for Architecture’s annual pumpkin carving competition. We competed and celebrated alongside 20 NYC–based firms.

Our architectural pumpkin carving was inspired by the zoetrope, an early animation device that rotates to create the illusion of movement. Using scrap parts, including old bicycle gears, we built a hand-powered turntable. Then during the competition, we carved geometric patterns into the pumpkin which appeared to spin and grow abstractly as the audience spun the crank. Our team was excited to take home the People’s Pumpkin award and The Re-Animator honorable mention from a jury of designers, curators and architects.

Learn more about the event and the other pumpkin creations here.