WIRED — "The Hague Convicts a Tomb-Destroying Extremist With Smart Design"

August 25th 2016

The publication explores SITU's work to leverage smart design in legal and advocacy contexts.

"From a rhetorical standpoint, the tool can have a huge impact. Prior to SITU's platform, lawyers would present evidence piecemeal, calling up each video, photo or satellite image on a screen one at a time, almost as though they were surfing the internet. 'It works, but it takes more time and you still need in the end to try to rebuild all the links between all the pieces of evidence,' says Gilles Dutertre, senior trial lawyer for the Al Mahdi case. Dutertre says most of the cases he sees at the ICC could benefit from a tool that allows for an uninterrupted narrative. Ultimately, a more cohesive presentation of evidence helps judges to see the broader picture of a case more clearly. 'The beauty of such a platform is that it speaks for itself,' he says."

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