Fast Company — "These Solar Canopies Help Panels Fit Onto Tiny Urban Roofs"

June 9th 2016

The Solar Canopy is a solution for New Yorkers seeking alternative energy sources, says Fast Company.

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"Solar power is now cheaper than getting electricity from the grid in New York City. But most New Yorkers still don’t have solar on their roofs. One of the biggest challenges is a lack of space.

Just as the apartments in a Brooklyn row house might be crowded inside–with living rooms barely big enough for a couch, and postage stamp-sized kitchens–building roofs are typically crowded with skylights, hatches, and equipment. Strict fire codes require a empty path six feet wide and nine feet high, leaving little room for solar panels.

A new canopy is a simple solution to the problem: By lifting solar panels 10 feet in the air, it’s possible to meet safety requirements and add enough solar to offset a family’s energy bill...."