Golf Wang Storefront Sculpture


Golf Wang


35 Howard St, New York, NY 10013




Golf Wang, SITU


Paik Architecture

Our team crafted a 6-foot tall larger than life t-shirt sculpture for Golf Wang, which is showcased as a centerpiece of their flagship New York City store. Through a meticulous design and fabrication process, we seamlessly transformed a 2D rendering into a tangible, three-dimensional object.

Working from a 2D rendering, our team evolved the brand’s unique vision into a 3D model in Rhino. Careful planning during the design engineering phase, which involved Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM) and shop drawings, ensured the feasibility of fabrication.

The sculpture, resembling a seemingly simple t-shirt, posed some intricate challenges to making it feel authentic. From creating embroidered elements to mimicking the delicate collar details and the movement of fabric, our team modeled every nuance. Distinctive features, including larger-than-life hardwood hanger, demanded custom jigs and a combination of milling and hand-forming techniques. The steel and ash hanger provides structural integrity, while high-density urethane foam coated with epoxy and adorned with a custom vinyl decal forms the body of the shirt. A custom plywood armature provided internal support, all cut using our 5-axis CNC-router.

Throughout the project, we collaborated closely with Golf Wang as well as their interior architect and general contractor to ensure the sculpture would mirror the brand's identity. The hanger's weight required a robust but minimal ceiling hanging mechanism in the center of the ceiling.

Our partnership with Golf Wang on this t-shirt sculpture demonstrates SITU Fabrication’s dedication to time management and precision, working from rough concept to realization in just one month, without compromising the design vision. Through this project, we refined our multi-stage finishing techniques and successfully translated 2D images into intricate figurative and sculptural models.