SITU speaks at TerraCRG’s Only Brooklyn Conference

May 16th 2018

SITU Partner Brad Samuels joins the architecture panel at the Only Brooklyn.® Real Estate Conference on May 16, 2018. Organized by TerraCRG—a commercial real estate brokerage with exclusive and unparalleled insight on Brooklyn transactions—this gathering will bring together hundreds of real estate players to discuss the future of one of the most powerful sub-markets in the country. The conference features curated panel topics that revolve around current real estate projects, trends and issues happening throughout Brooklyn. Keynote speakers include MaryAnne Gilmartin, founder and CEO of L+L MAG; Jed Walentas of Two Trees Management Company; and Michael Stoler of Madison Realty Capital. Learn more here.

Event details:
The 8th Annual Only Brooklyn.® Real Estate Conference
Wednesday, May 16, 2018
8:00 am–4:00 pm

BAM - Brooklyn Academy of Music
30 Lafayette Avenue
Brooklyn, New York 11217