Deep City

Deep City is an executive-level digital experience designed by HUSH for a global tech office’s New York Headquarters. We worked with the designer to fabricate and install this three-part installation. Immersed within The Passage, City Cave and The Skywalk—a guest’s gestures, movement and voice become data that generates an informational and artistic record of their journey.






Henegan Construction Co.


New York, NY




Courtesy of HUSH

Using our cross-disciplinary expertise to help HUSH realize this complex environment, the design communicates the office’s ability to transform human data into rich, personalized experiences. The Passage is a geologically inspired wall made of translucent strips. Programmable LED panels are suspended behind clear frosted acrylic topographies that form an undulating wall, producing a variable lighting effect as individuals walk passed the installation.

The City Cave is composed of 22 panels of arrayed dichroic glass suspended at angles to form an immersive environment. Behind the removable glass panels, OLED TV screens provide digital content allowing visitors to interact with the space.

The 72 layers of milled acrylic are stacked on a pedestal, measuring 8 ft high and 18 ft in length with custom engineered metal rods and bars which tie back to vertical floor-to-ceiling steel posts for structural stability, while minimizing impact of the transmission of light.